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kiniras 2009

The Ministry of Communications and Works, Department of Antiquities,announces that, in the framework of the European programme “La Nuit desMusées” (“Night of Museums”), the Cyprus Museum in Lefkosia will be open tothe public on Saturday, 16 May from 6 until 11pm.At 7:30pm on May 16, the Minister of Communications and Works Mr NicosNicolaides will inaugurate an exhibition in the Cyprus Museum titled “Notes ofKinyras: music, wine and perfume since the 4th millennium B.C. – andevidence from Erimi”. This exhibition is organised by the Department ofAntiquities in cooperation with the National Council for Research (CNR) of Italyand the Cyprus Winemuseum in Erimi and will be open to the public from 16until the 31 of May.After the exhibition, there will be a musical performance that will includepoetry put to music by Anastasia Guy, titled “Kinyras: Kypri and the Nereids”.This will be followed by a reception in the gardens of the Cyprus Museum.2009 marks the fifth anniversary of the “Night of Museums”, which is under theauspices of the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe Mr. Terry Davis. Thisyear the event will be combined with the International Museum Day which isorganised by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) on the 18th of May 2009.Ever since 2005 when the concept of the European “Night of Museums” wasfirst introduced, this programme has effectively united all the Europeanmuseums around a specific subject and has encouraged a diverse public,especially young people, to visit museums and see the collections. More than2000 museums of modern art, ethnography, archaeology, history and sciencein more than 40 European countries have participated in the “Night ofMuseums” with various theatrical, film, dance and musical performances andexhibitions which have brought new visitors closer to the museums.

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